Can you Convert Girls (Kids) to Juniors Sizes? (2023)

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If you’re trying to purchase clothes for a younger girl in the juniors department, you may be trying to figure out how to convert girls (kids) to juniors sizing.

While there really is no conversion for this exactly, there is a slight overlap between the girls and juniors departments. Very roughly speaking, girls sizes 12 – 16 are pretty similar to juniors sizes 00 – 5.

What’s the difference between girls and juniors clothing?

Girls clothing is meant for young girls, while juniors clothing is made for the preteen and teenager age group. Juniors closing fills the gap in between girls and adult women’s (misses) sizing.

Girls clothing is sized in even numbers, 6 – 16. Juniors clothing is generally sized in odd numbers, 1 – 17. However there are certain clothing manufacturer’s that produce clothing for teens and young women (Aero and American Eagle, for example) that use the even numbers.

Girls clothes are generally modest and cute, while juniors clothing can be more mature. Juniors clothing is very trendy and it’s common to find clothing that is very tight fitting, low cut, and revealing.

For this reason it can be difficult to know when it’s an appropriate time to cross over between the two departments. If your child is teetering on the edge of sizes, it may be temping to cross over. This is especially true if you have a very tall child and need the extra length.

Converting between kids and juniors sizes

Only a small section of overlap exists when you compare the larger sizes in the girls department to the smallest junior sizes. Generally speaking, girls (kids) sizes 12 – 16 (L – XL) roughly fall into a similar size range of a juniors 0 – 5 (XS – S/M).

However, there’s no formula to use to convert kids to juniors sizes. It’s difficult to know which sizes may work interchangeably unless you tried on the clothing or compared clothing size charts.

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Juniors clothing is cut larger in the bust and hips while girls clothing is cut straight, so the two don’t fit exactly the same. It’s also made for girls who are a little taller.

Plus, there is so much variation in sizing between brands and individual clothing items it makes it even harder to guess.

Here are two size charts given for reference, between girl’s Cat and Jack sizes (12 – 16) and Kohl’s junior sizes (0 – 5).

Kids Size Chart (Cat and Jack brand)

1256”-58”81-90 (lbs)31”26”31.5”
1459”-61”91-103 (lbs)32.5”27”33.5”
1661”-63”104-115 (lbs)34”28.5”35”

Juniors size chart (Kohl’s)


XS (0 – 1)
30 1/2″ – 32 1/2″23″ – 25″32 1/2″ – 34 1/2″

S (3 – 5)
32.5” – 34.5”25” – 27”34.5” – 36.5”

These charts are just to give a generalized comparison, so you can see the overlap. You’ll notice juniors sizing is cut larger in the hips and smaller in the waist. Keep in mind size differences exist between brands, some run larger and others smaller.

Moving up to juniors sizes with tall kids

One of the common issues parents face is trying to find clothing for younger children who are very tall. Children’s clothing is made for the average height of little girls around each size range, and goes up with the size.

For example, a girls size 10 from Cat and Jack brand is made for girls who are between 56” – 58” tall, or around 4’6. As you move up to a girls size 16 from Cat and Jack, the height increases to 61” – 63” inches, or around 5′ – 5’2.

But when you have a 10 year old that’s already a foot or so taller than average, it can be tough! Especially if you feel like juniors and younger women’s clothing is just not very appropriate for the age range.

There are a few things you can do to help find clothing that’s a more appropriate fit.

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Check for comparable junior sizes (and ones with long lengths)

Moving up to the juniors or young lady’s department may be a better option for kids who are just much taller than average. Juniors clothing is cut longer and pants have longer inseams, and if you look for young ladies clothing that also is cut in long inseams, it will increase the length even more without having to go up extra sizes.

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One place I recommend checking out for pants is American Eagle. They sell them in regular and long sizes 000, 00, 0, 2, and 4… either could work with a tall child depending on their inseam.

Their clothing isn’t labeled as “juniors” and it’s marked in even numbered sizing, but it’s marketed and cut slimmer than average for younger women. Their sizes 000 – 6 range from a 22.5” to 28” waist.

Can you Convert Girls (Kids) to Juniors Sizes? (1)
Can you Convert Girls (Kids) to Juniors Sizes? (2)

You may have to pick through the selection to find something appropriate, but they do have more modest neutral pieces like you’d find in a girls department.

Comparable shops to find long pants would be Aeropostale and Buckle.

Can you Convert Girls (Kids) to Juniors Sizes? (3)
Look for basics

Looking for the basics may be best if you’re trying to fit a younger girl who’s very tall more appropriately.

Part of the problem with juniors clothing is it’s very trendy and can be quite revealing. A quick glance may show shirts with back coverage, extremely short shorts, and super high crop tops.

If you don’t want your 8, 9, or 10 year old wearing those things, you can still find basics like tees, tanks, jeans, hoodies, and leggings pretty similar to what you can find in the girls department.

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One of the best places I’ve found for this is Kohl’s. They have a lot of super basic tops that are exactly like the ones they sell for younger girls in the kids department. Another reason I like Kohl’s is that their clothing is inexpensive, which may be necessary when buying clothing for young girls who grow fast.

Can you Convert Girls (Kids) to Juniors Sizes? (4)
Can you Convert Girls (Kids) to Juniors Sizes? (5)
Can you Convert Girls (Kids) to Juniors Sizes? (6)

Aeropostale is another decent place to check for juniors basics. You can still find basic long sleeve tees, tee shirts, and hoodies.

Can you Convert Girls (Kids) to Juniors Sizes? (7)
Can you Convert Girls (Kids) to Juniors Sizes? (8)
Can you Convert Girls (Kids) to Juniors Sizes? (9)

American Eagle also has a slim selection of basic tops appropriate for a child, but mostly they’re best for bottoms like jeans and leggings.

Can you Convert Girls (Kids) to Juniors Sizes? (10)
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Trying the clothing on is the best way to know which size will work

Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula that can tell you exactly how to convert between sizes and which will fit without trying them on.

The sizing variation between brands can be off significantly, and girls and juniors sizes aren’t exactly the same. Remember that girls sizes are cut straight, while juniors are curvier.

If you’re shopping online, the next best thing is to use a measuring tape to get accurate measurements of the waist, bust, and hip area. These can then be compared to the manufacturers size charts.

The Bottom Line

There’s no direct comparison between sizes from girls into juniors, but the size range from a girls 12 – 16 and juniors 00 – 5 is relatively similiar.

When trying to find clothing in the juniors section for very tall children, remember you can always check basics and find slimmer cut pants at shops like American Eagle, Aeropostale, and Kohl’s.

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